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We are MCE. Our ambition is to successfully grow a socially responsible business. Work with sustainable products, help local farmers in Vietnam, and stimulate local economy.

With offices in The Netherlands and Vietnam, we enable businesses and governments to accelerate profitable investments in sustainable initiatives, while caring for the next generations.

Ecological and social interests create a great future for next generations

Cashew Project

A sustainable supply chain from farmer to consumer

In Vietnam we are currently creating a stable production of cashew products, a sustainable supply chain from farmer to consumer and reuse residual flows like Cashew Nut Shells and Cashew Nut Shell Liquid. With the support of both the Dutch and Vietnamese Government we transfer knowledge, create price stability, and strengthen the power of farmers collectives.

Amélie European Sales Gateway

In cooperation with the European consulate of Vietnam in Brussels, we bring together Vietnamese suppliers of sustainable agricultural products in a sales consortium to export their products via our logistics partners to Europe.

Circular Economy

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid
From the stable production of cashew products, with the use of own patented technologies, MCE refines Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL), which can be distilled and used to create epoxy resin and phenol resin and ultimately used as heatpowerplant and vessel fuel. The refined CNSL serves both Vietnam and the international markets.

Pellets from Cashew and CNSL production residuals
In a joint venture with An Viet Phat Energy, MCE also makes pellets from the waste wood of the cashew trees and from the cashew nuts shells after extraction.

Sustainable Energy from Residual Flows

Connect to SDGs

MCE has adopted the Sustainable Development Goals framework from the United Nations to give guidance on all business endeavours. We are in line with all 17 goals from focussing on sustainable and responsible production, to creating gateways to governments and NGO’s, to sponsoring quality infrastructure in rural villages. MCE focuses on:

Share knowledge and expertise and educate

Promote sustainable economic growth

Achieve environmental sustainability through partnerships

Our Focus

High-tech knowledge, sustainability and social responsibility

Scientific Research
MCE and the Wageningen University and Research will setup an agricultural research center in Vietnam with a focus on improvement of the quality of life: nutrition, living environment and health.

Social Responsibility
The business focus is on social responsibility, fair trade pricing, providing the Vietnamese farmers with long-term sustainable and economic development, improve local capacity and community health and adhere to human rights principles.

MCE also takes part in the transition to a more sustainable world by helping companies reduce their CO2 emission and carbon footprint, provide multiple and cleaner solutions for energy, agriculture and logistics and comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

Our Value

Knowledge availabilty
With tight links to research facilities and a lot of in-house knowledge and experience, MCE can support or provide advice in management, training or execution affairs.

Extensive network
Because of its large network, MCE can help with access or act as a gateway to governments, commercial parties and NGO’s, allowing contact with the most relevant parties.

Access and Expertise

European management
MCE originated in Europe, and has a reputation among investors and partners for long-term sustainability, who share our vision and goals for a better world.


Tan Nguyen

Co-founder and shareholder of MCE. Living in De Meern, The Netherlands, with his wife, son and daughter.

Worked as board member and CFO, involved in various Mergers & Acquisition projects for a large international company from Vietnam. In addition, working from an strategic angle as an investor and entrepreneur in various projects with a sustainable and social component.

Marco Trimborn

Co-founder and shareholder of MCE . Living in Houten, The Netherlands.

An extensive track record as a senior and executive manager in Telecom, (international) IT. Entrepreneur and investor in heart and soul, for various larger and smaller sustainable projects in Vietnam.

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